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1 week ago

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2 weeks ago

Question About a Product

I have a question about a product. Is the moisturizing hair pudding a leave in conditioner?

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2 weeks ago

Anyone have tips on how to style short + curly hair?

@trieditall would appreciate them!! In the giveaways channel she responded to @dwade's post and shared she lost hair to cancer. Would love to see how we can help support her with ideas for how to style short curly hair. Thank you!!

I just did a quick member search to see other community members with short hair. Anyone have tips?? @josette @carolinacutie @shaeemichelle @melegance @niabythelake @pumshin23 @amberbennett @jcj1963 @sprescott @gelilamulualem @notnew @baglady056 @mjin007 @yaya ... Read More

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2 weeks ago

What are your routines for skin/hair when you use a sauna?

do you use any special products after?