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curlygirlreka's avatar

Top Contributor

4 days ago

Slick buns

Hey guys, I was just wondering what product would you recommend for sleek styles like buns or ponytails? I have 3c/4a medium density hair. Does the hair butter provide any hold? Just curious

ellie25x's avatar

Top Contributor

5 days ago

oils + vitamins don't grow hair

thanks for this video @scarlett. I've been overwhelmed with everything society tells me i need to be doing for my hair. it's great to have this reminder.

good reminder w/ the importance of keeping hair hydrated. seems great. good price point too compared to everything else i see on the market.

mickey96's avatar

2 weeks ago

Hair progress!!

progress pics! (November 2023 to July 2024)

And I would like to ask how do I go about getting a trim? And if so, any advice on how often?

I have had people start to ask what products I use (especially at work) and I be real quick to say WonderCurl!👏🤩🙌

clara10's avatar

3 weeks ago

Was just googling for hair style options and came across some great ones. which one is your fav?

4 votes

sophiacoolkid's avatar

3 weeks ago

Question About a Product

I'm curious if any products ask a heat protectant? I want to style my hair w/ heat, but i want to be sure that I'm not damaging my hair while I'm at it!